Grooming Hours

Tuesday-Saturday: 9am to Last Dog finished
Sunday - Monday: by appointment
Self Wash open 10am to 6 pm 7 days a week


Many animals have had bad experiences in grooming which can result in serious behavioral problems. This can make them very difficult to groom. At our salon at WAPC, our manager Burke Suda specializes in retraining these dogs, helping them to enjoy the grooming experience. Our cage free environment helps make grooming a positive experience. It allows the dogs to socialize with others and destress between the multiple stages of their grooming.

WAPC's salon allows a minimum of 3-4 hours for grooming. We find this helps the dogs to experience grooming in a positive manner versus the "rush" of the typical environment. To us, the quality of care is more important than the quantity of dogs groomed per day.

All grooming is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If your dog isn't happy, neither are we.


Please keep in mind when scheduling an appointment, our groomers are paid on a commission basis. If you can not make an appointment, please be kind and give us a call so your appointment slot can be rescheduled.

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